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Our Process

Our goal is to help you create a rising, lifestyle-sustaining stream of income during retirement. This is done, in part, by understanding the effects that longevity, inflation, market volatility and investor behavior have on your assets and how that affects your goals.

Understanding your goals and needs

Our mission statement says, in part, that "We are committed to understanding your financial situation almost as well as you do." For us, this means that we want to hear the long version of everything you have to say.

  • What is important to you?  
  • How did you come to accumulate the assets that you have now?  
  • What do you want your money to do for you? 
  • What "else" do you want to do with your money?  
  • Do you have interest in helping family members achieve their goals?  
  • Do you have interest in helping charitable organizations achieve their goals? 

People often have many goals for their money, but usually the first consideration is whether there will be enough for them.  More specifically, they are trying to answer the question: 

"Are you confident that you have a plan that will provide you with a rising stream of income throughout what might be a 30 year retirement?"

Creating and Implementing a Retirement Plan and Investment Strategy

We spend a lot of time working to understand you and your situation. Once we are pretty confident that we are "on the same page," we move to education.

The world of investing can often be confusing and confusion hurts confidence. We want our clients to be as well educated as they desire and are committed to educating in as much detail as they would like. We want our clients to be confident investors.

Next, we look at longevity, inflation, volatility, and investor behavior to understand the effects they will have on your assets and how that then affects your goals.

Monitoring Performance

After meeting multiple times in the first year, we will continue to meet with you at least annually to review progress and make any appropriate adjustments.

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